What made you decide to pursue your degree in WDOC?

Everything about this world is shifting towards the internet.

What has been the biggest thing you have learned in your classes?

The importance of spending time just thinking and allowing the creative aspects of your brain to run wild are highly dependent on your success in an assigned project/job/etc. Each class I have taken so far stresses within an assignment or lecture to know what you are creating before you go about it. Prior to this I feel like I went about the creation process blindly and this technique offers longevity in my work.

What have you learned in your classes that you have already applied to your job?

The number one thing I have learned so far in my classes is the idea of implementing brand identity into any customer facing marketing material. Having founded my own business I have found great use in the graphic design and video storytelling skills as I have made my way through the program.

What are your career aspirations?

I aspire to become a unicorn in the field of marketing. With a bachelors degree in telecommunications production and a masters in web design, I hope to master the skills I have been taught to become a do-it-all option for business marketing solutions. While all of these skills possess drastic differences, it is my firm belief that having a high level understanding in all of it can help with efficiency and better freedom in the creative process.

What accomplishment are you the proudest of achieving?

The biggest ongoing accomplishment that I am proud of from my time in this program is having been pushed to my limits creatively and coming out on the other side. This motivating factor is what inspired me to start a YouTube series with respect to the sport of swimming which not only tells stories visually, but allows me to refine my skills even after I have graduated from the program, becoming better at my craft every single day.

Ryan Rosenbaum

Ryan Rosenbaum

Class of August ’17

Gainesville, FL

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