What made you decide to pursue your degree in WDOC?

When I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida, I began researching my options for post-graduate studies. With a broad range of interests, I was looking for a program that combines a love of technology, communication, and artistic expression; I found exactly this combination in the WDOC program and am so glad to be here.

What has been the biggest thing you have learned in your classes?

Effective communication is a multi-faceted and integrative art form.

What have you learned in your classes that you have already applied to your job?

I have begun redesigning, coding, and publishing my website and a couple subdomains, creating new promotional products and print materials using InDesign and Illustrator, refining my company’s logo, and revising my approach to blogging and social media usage; these are a few ways that I have applied what I have learned in the WDOC program to my work in the real world.

What are your career aspirations?

My overarching career goal is to expand my brand. I plan to add a new a branch for web design and brand management as well as to grow the wedding photography segment of my existing photography business.

What accomplishment are you the proudest of achieving?

The accomplishment that I am most proud of is coding a website from scratch without the use of a WYSIWYG designer or template(s). It is really freeing to know that there is a world of possibilities available now that I understand how to code. I am especially excited to dig further into JavaScript and responsive design.

Jessica Marie Arnieri Hernandez

Jessica Marie Arnieri Hernandez

Class of August ’17

Sarasota, FL

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