What made you decide to pursue your degree in WDOC?

I completed my undergraduate in computer science, but realized I cared more about the presentation aspects and layouts of my projects. Web design was my perfect fit as websites are the presentation of information to a user. I chose the WDOC program because of the online live classes as well as the internship course.

What has been the biggest thing you have learned in your classes?

The biggest thing I learned was how to be confident about presenting my ideas and designs. Since majority of the courses projects are presented, overtime I learned how to be confident in communicating my design choices and how to take feedback from peers and instructors.

What have you learned in your classes that you have already applied to your job?

Time management, was one skill I was heavily able to take away from this program and apply not just in my job, but in my everyday life. Learning how to receive projects and know how much time is needed, or which projects to work on first was key into successfully completing this program.

What are your career aspirations?

My ultimate career aspiration is to work with the design of site mockups and usability testing of either applications or websites.

What accomplishment are you the proudest of achieving?

My biggest accomplishment was landing an internship and being able to take the internship course. This class was one of my main reasons for choosing the WDOC program at UF versus other schools. I was able to successfully create mockup designs that were implemented on their site and learned how to expand my skill set to include the creation of creative web pieces. I designed a website banner that they ended up using as a billboard design which was showcased on a major highway in Florida!

Jen Vitrano

Jen Vitrano

Class of December ’16

New Jersey

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