What made you decide to pursue your degree in WDOC?

I wanted to learn more about web design, but my work schedule is not conducive to attending physical classes. The WDOC program was ideal for allowing me to continue my education while working full time. I also appreciate that there isn’t a time limit on the program. I usually only enroll in one class per semester, and although it is taking me a long time to finish the degree, I appreciate that I am still able to slowly work towards the goal.

What has been the biggest thing you have learned in your classes?

Before starting classes, I had a decent handle on HTML and CSS already, but I knew nothing about responsive design, and I didn’t understand the value of the step-by-step design process (beginning with wireframes). Classes in this program have helped me to understand and practice those concepts.

What have you learned in your classes that you have already applied to your job?

Unfortunately, not much. My current job focuses on print publishing, so I haven’t had many opportunities yet to use my web design skills. However, I am constantly bugging my bosses to toss more complicated projects my way, so hopefully I will soon.

What are your career aspirations?

I eventually want to find a job that combines my communication skills (I have a background in journalism) with my web design skills.

What accomplishment are you the proudest of achieving?

I am most proud of my academic achievements. Once I finish the WDOC program, I will have completed my fourth college degree.

Elaine Broussard

Elaine Broussard

Class of December ’17

Kenner, LA

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