Video Storytelling


Requirements/Project’s Goals

The goal of the project was to apply storytelling and framing techniques, combined with video editing skills, to create a short video with a distinct message aimed at a specific target audience. We were free to choose any topic, theme, visual elements, platform, audience, etc.


I love books and literature, so I knew from the beginning I wanted to adapt a written text. I own this book called Flash Fiction Forward, a collection of very short stories known as flash fiction. I combed through this anthology to find a story that had an interesting plot, and for which I could incorporate compelling visual elements that would translate well to video. I chose one that was written from the point of view of a young girl whose mother died recently; the girl explores her grief through a Barbie doll, a gift from her father’s new girlfriend.

Targeted Audience

I framed the video as a “book trailer” that could be used as a marketing tool by a book publisher to bring attention and readers to a book.

Skills/Techniques/Programs used

I filmed this using my iPhone 6s, a flexible mini tripod and a lavalier microphone. All editing was done with Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.

Design/Coding Stages/Steps

First, we were asked to pitch our initial ideas to our classmates and take into consideration any feedback received. Then, we drafted a storyboard with the wireframing app of our choice. Then, I acquired all my props, set up my “stage” and recorded enough footage for a 2 min. video. I recorded the voiceover separately. While editing, I discovered that some of my shots were not quite right, so I had to re-shoot a couple of scenes. Everything came together during the editing process.

Favorite Aspect of Project

My favorite part was the editing portion. I was fairly familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro before this class, but through trial and error I discovered features I didn’t know existed, and I was able to manipulate my raw material to shape it into a product that was as close as possible to my initial vision.

What did you learn while completing this Project?

This project pushed me beyond my comfort zone when it comes to video editing software, and it gave me a chance to experiment with video editing features that I hadn’t thought to use before. Also, and most importantly, this project highlighted the importance of clear and concise messaging for any platform and medium.