Requirements/Project’s Goals

The goal of the project was to create an e-portfolio website that featured a professional biography, an updated resume, work samples, a contact section, and a way to show that we are staying current in the field (such as social media feeds or blog posts).


I looked at a few other professional freelancer websites for inspiration, but the layout of my site was a moderation of my previous portfolio site. My old portfolio site had a fluid layout, but was a little over the top in terms of design and not responsive. I wanted the new site to come across as clean and as professional as possible without compromising my design personality.

Targeted Audience

Small businesses looking to hire a freelancer, or an employer looking to hire a web/graphic designer.

Skills/Techniques/Programs used

I coded my site using semantic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery in Atom text editor, using Git to track my progress. I designed my site mobile first, and then expanded the design using media queries for larger screens. My icons were drawn in Adobe Illustrator and my images sliced in Photoshop. I also relied on a few JavaScript/jQuery plugins, including Slim Menu, Slick JS, Lightbox, and jQuery Toast.

Design/Coding Stages/Steps

I always start with the HTML to lay a good foundation. As I go through the code, I prepare the images and icons as they are needed. Once the structure is in place, I then proceed to add the CSS. Once the structure and styles are complete, I go back and add interactive elements using JavaScript and jQuery. The entire process is tracked with Git version control.