Freelance and Professional Development

Instructor: Jorie Scholnik

This course will connect students’ education in the program and their work experiences to their post-graduation goals, whether that is obtaining a new job, earning a promotion and/or freelancing. The goal is for students to focus on professional development topics so they feel confident marketing their skills after graduation and have concrete materials that will make them stand out to employers and/or clients.

By the end of the class, students should be aware of job search trends, the targeted documents necessary to be employable after graduation and the importance of networking. Students will also learn job-search skills specific to the online communications field such as writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, networking and negotiating a salary.

If students branch out to freelance, they need to consider the vision for their business, specialties, services and materials that are needed to interact with clients. Additionally, students need to understand the time it takes to complete projects and the appropriate fee to charge. Students will learn that this requires putting together documents like bids and contracts, and also researching industry standards. Beyond that, students will learn how to use their network and reputations to acquire new clients, set themselves up as industry experts, and develop additional revenue sources.

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