Recipe Book


Requirements/Project’s Goals

Using InDesign, design a 20 page in digital recipe book in the form of an interactive PDF. The book needed to have a unified theme using consistent imagery and typography. Some of the requirements were:

  1. A front and back cover.
  2. A table of contents with working links to each recipe page.
  3. At least 15 recipes (No placeholder text. You may use recipes you find online).
  4. A minimum of three hyperlinks (not including the ones used in the table of contents).
  5. At least one master page should be created and applied.
  6. At least one paragraph style and one character style should be created and applied.
  7. At least 12 of your recipes must include a corresponding image.


My inspiration was Parks and Rec’s own Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman).

Targeted Audience

“Manly” men who eat meat.

Skills/Techniques/Programs used

The project was primarily laid out in Adobe InDesign. Many of the design elements were built and modified in Photoshop. The covers were compiled and edited in Photoshop.

Design/Coding Stages/Steps

  • Personally, I’m a pretty picky eater. One thing I never turn away, however is meat. I typically grill one or two meals a week. I decided that I wanted to make a fun meat-related cook book. In my office, I have a Ron Swanson bobble-head. He was my inspiration and guiding light for this project.
  • After spending some time online compiling different meat-related recipes, I decided it was time to get to work. For imagery, I thought about vintage themed meat diagrams. Most of them are different shades of gray. After collecting some vector images, I decided on a yellow / gray theme.
  • I then created a few different Master Page elements and drew up a few different page layouts. From there, it was simply a matter of plugging in recipes, ingredients, and images.
  • I wanted to make sure the project was clean, bold, and had large good-quality images.

Favorite Aspect of Project

I really enjoyed designing a project to fit my personality. I enjoy joking around with people. This project allowed me to make something that looked serious but contained humor as well.

What did you learn while completing this Project?

Learning how to properly format a Table of Contents to not only link to recipe headings, but also auto-populate based on a heading is going to be a valuable tool in the future. I also learned how important it is to make the pages uniform throughout a large document.