White Owl Designs


Requirements/Project’s Goals

The goals for our Capstone project were to create a campaign that improved upon Tower Hill’s current media strategies and also to redesign their website. White Owl Designs took on the task of creating campaigns that would align with Tower Hill’s brand and at the same time modernize the look of their current website and communication strategies. One of the main points of Tower Hill’s website redesign was their need for a responsive website.


White Owl Designs drew inspiration from sites such as awwwards.com and other insurance websites. We were inspired by minimal designs as well as websites that were functional and enhanced the user experience.

Targeted Audience

Our target audience was directed towards Tower Hill’s Customer base. This customer base encompasses homeowners, renters, and commercial owners generally between 35 and 64 years of age, with a median income of $75k+ that reside or own property in Florida.

Who was the client (and a brief description about them)?

Tower Hill Insurance a provider of insurance services for personal and commercial property. They provide product coverage for flood insurance, rental insurance, condo insurance and home insurance.

The company was established in 1972 in Miami, Florida with the name Mobile Home Insurance Associates. ‘Over an 8 year period, the business grew more each year, until 1980 when the company relocated to its current home in Gainesville, Florida’

Over the next 40 years the company saw tremendous growth through acquisitions of other insurance companies and strategic partnerships. Tower Hill Insurance has grown to employ over 400 employees and be represented by over 700 insurance agencies and become the largest home insurance provider in the state of Florida.

Skills/Techniques/Programs used

For the campaign of the project, our team used InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator to create marketing materials such as the print flyers, social media banners, and a redesigned logo.

To create the site we used HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP (WordPress API). We all used an FTP to upload our code to the website which was hosted by Jen’s GoDaddy account.

Design/Coding Stages/Steps

White Owl’s Designs were created in two stages. We first each created wireframes which were presented to each other. Once we came to a consensus of the structure of the website from the wireframes, we created the mockups of the website. We each created a mock up and then decided on the one that best represented our goals and aesthetic.

We divided the site up between the four of us to code in a way that would least interfere with each other’s code/act of coding. Everyone was responsible for their own sections and our team would constantly give each other feedback throughout the process of coding the website to ultimately get the end result.

Campaign Document


Team Members

Favorite Aspect of Project

My favorite aspect of this project was collaborating with my team to create a website we are proud of and that showcases our growth throughout the program. Jennifer V., Jennifer R., Jesse and I all started the program at the same time so it was awesome to be able to create our final project together.
Alice Guan
WordPress template development is the intersection of programming and design.
Jesse Hockenbury
One of my favorite aspects of any of the websites I worked on throughout the program is seeing a design become a reality – this project was no exception, especially when taking into consideration it was a compilation of ideas from 4 very different individuals.
Jennifer Reed
My favorite part of the project was the usability test project. It was great that we were able to critique and help out the other teams with the layouts and usability of their site.
Jen Vitrano

What did you learn?

I learned how to manage my responsibilities and which strategies worked best to be the most productive as a group.
Alice Guan
In web design there are several ways to accomplish the same task and in a team setting. You sometimes have to adjust your ways to be consistent with the team.
Jesse Hockenbury
One of the best lessons I learned throughout the Capstone class/ working through the 9 projects that resulted in this final site was to accept my strengths (or weaknesses) in design and coding, as well as those of my teammates, and work together to sort out who could make each piece shine. In letting teammates that were naturally stronger designers or better at solving coding problems take the lead on different aspects of the project, we were each able to ‘own’ a piece of it while still learning great tips or tricks from our teammates in other pieces.
Jennifer Reed
What I learned most was how to work in a team setting with a design project. In most of the other classes you work independently on projects so there is never any disagreement on design choices. However with this class, everything was team orients so learning how to not only communicate ideas remotely but and deciding on a common solution for the client was a great learning experience.
Jen Vitrano