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Requirements/Project’s Goals

The semester-long goal was to create a campaign book and rebranded website for Tower Hill Insurance Group. We worked as a team of three to come up with a Situation Analysis for the company, a new logo design, a style tile and moodboard for a rebrand, website wireframes and mockups, new print and digital campaign pieces, and a final campaign book and website to hand to the client.


Our inspiration came from the client’s expressed wants and needs. Their main focus was responsive website design and eye-catching style and campaign pieces. We used their future geographical expansion as a platform in our campaign, and focused our website design on responsive, clean and modern functionality.

Targeted Audience

Our campaign was driven towards the communities Tower Hill Insurance Group would soon reach in their expansion. We wanted to express excitement, newness and a personal connection in each of our pieces. We used the homepage of the website to offer new users many paths towards helpful information to get them instantly connected with Tower Hill.

Who was the client (and a brief description about them)?

Tower Hill Insurance Group has been providing insurance in the state of Florida for over 40 years. They are now the largest provider of homeowners insurance in the state. They are soon expanding to Texas, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. They focus on personal agent/client connection and want their customers to feel valued.

Skills/Techniques/Programs used

For this project, we did all of our design in Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. We created the website using WordPress and hard-coded a template with five unique layout designs for the client to use in their site.

Design/Coding Stages/Steps

For each weekly project, we split up the workload between the three of us, then we would send our work to our teammates at least 48 hours before the project was due for our teammates to review. Once reviewed and edited, we’d then combine our work into one cohesive project and submit everything for that week. Each person in our team took a very hands-on approach. We were all willing to work on anything needed for the week’s project. We each came into this knowing it was going to be a learning experience, so we didn’t want to only give each teammate the tasks they were strongest. We all designed, all researched, all wrote and all coded for this semester-long project. This way, we each came out with a Capstone project we were proud to showcase on our portfolios. Each of us can now discuss every aspect of the project in detail because we were all constantly involved. We had a great team of eager, respecting, smart designers and coders, and we came out with a solid project that stretched us and taught us throughout this semester-long endeavor.

Campaign Document


Team Members

Favorite Aspect of Project

My favorite aspect of this project was having a real client to work with and the real world experience that provided. I felt that it pushed my team and I to think differently when making a design decision because in the end, we weren’t just designing for our client’s target audience, but for our client as well. Each plug-in, each widget, each overall feature that we decided to include in our final product was based on a usability standpoint from both parties involved.
Angelo Maramara
Practicing team collaboration. I loved gaining real experience on how to communicate with individuals across the country in a clear and productive way to get a job done well.
Hayley McDonald
My favorite aspect of this project was definitely that it was 100% team work. My teammates were so wonderful and talented, so working together on this project combined all of our best skills and let us concentrate on the parts best suited for our talents.
Rebecca Schoenrock

What did you learn?

I think for me, the biggest takeaway that I got from this project was just how much can be accomplished when working with a team. I realized very early on how much careful planning and organization can make a difference in setting how the remainder of the project will progress. Making sure that expectations and workflow are established at the very beginning helps create the foundation for a dream team to be formed, which I very much felt that I had during this project.
Angelo Maramara
My biggest take-away from this project was the importance of respectful and constant communication with your team when working on a large project. I learned the more details and collaboration with offered to our teammates, the better each of us seemed to feel about our individual parts and responsibilities.
Hayley McDonald
I learned that it is essential to be open-minded and communicate regularly while completing any project. Fortunately I was placed in an amazing group where we talked almost every day, sharing ideas or asking each other for help, so we had a great time working together and were able to complete everything without any worries.
Rebecca Schoenrock