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Requirements/Project’s Goals

Our goal with the project was to redo the website and overall visual branding of Xtraordinary Joy, which is a nonprofit based in Gainesville, Florida. Our aim was to create a communication strategy that the organization could use that communicated their brand in a playful yet elegant manner while adhering to the goals of the organization. We had to completely rework the visual branding elements and logo, create a variety of print and web-based marketing materials, as well as build a completely new website for the client. We wanted to create a website that not only was visually pleasing, but also functional, efficient and a pleasure to use.


The organization was created with the goal of raising funds and awareness for a rare genetic condition that affect the daughter of the organization’s founders. We drew inspiration from their daughter’s joyful demeanor, optimism of the founders, as well as current trends in the web design field.

Targeted Audience

The target audience was primarily individuals and organizations that could help fund and conduct research into the disorder, such as researchers and donors. Other audiences that we targeted were volunteers that could assist with fund raising and organizational events as well as individuals and families that were affected by the same disorder.

Who was the client (and a brief description about them)?

The client was Xtraordinary Joy, which is a nonprofit organization based in Gainesville, FL. The organization was founded on the purpose of raising awareness and research funds for a rare chromosomal condition that affected the daughter of the founders. In addition to raising awareness and funds, the organization also is seeking to build a support community among those who are also affected by the condition.

Skills/Techniques/Programs used

We essentially used all the skills that we learned in the program to complete this project. We used Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to create the marketing materials for the project as well as the wireframes and mockups for the site. We created the site on a WordPress framework which required us to use a bit of PHP skills in addition to HTML and CSS. We also used Github as a channel to help us collaborate our coding efforts.

Design/Coding Stages/Steps

After assessing the client’s situation and reworking the client’s visual branding, we began the design process by looking closely at the client’s current site as well as ascertaining what the client would like in the new site. Using that information, we collaboratively came up with several mockups of what we envisioned the site to look like. After receiving feedback from the client on our designs we made further modifications and began the coding process. We decided to build the site on a WordPress framework, which would allow the client to easily maintain the site and add new content once we handed the site off to them. We did this by creating a custom WordPress theme using HTML, CSS, and PHP. Each member of our group took on different pages and sections of the site and we collaborated using Github during the process of coding our individual sections. This allowed us to not only easily collate our work, but also gave us an opportunity to give feedback and help each other out during the process. Once we completed the initial site, we conducted a usability test with the other group in our cohort to gain feedback from a user’s perspective. Using that feedback we made some minor changes to our site design and then presented it to the client.

Campaign Document


Team Members

Favorite Aspect of Project

It was incredibly exciting to learn that we would be working with a non-profit foundation in this course. My favorite aspect in terms of project requirements was working on the new logo and branding guide.
Ashley Childers Cohen
My favorite aspect of the project was how broad it was as well as the collaboration element. It was a great experience working with others and building a rebuilding a brand from the ground up and it was great applying literally everything we learned in the program in a real-world context.
Andy DiBella
My favorite aspect of the project was having a real client and going through a marketing campaign and website build from start to finish.
Christina Hendricks

What did you learn?

It was incredibly exciting to learn that we would be working with a non-profit foundation in this course. My favorite aspect in terms of project requirements was working on the new logo and branding guide.
Ashley Childers Cohen
I think the most important thing I took away from it was successfully working with collaboration tools such as Github. It was a really good experience working with that resource in a professional manner. I also really enjoyed to collaborative aspect of the project in terms of playing to each other’s strengths in the design process.
Andy DiBella
I learned that collaborating is wonderful and difficult at the same time. This was the first time I had used GitHub with a team and going through that process was incredibly helpful to me because I am the type of person that learns by doing.
Christina Hendricks